About H Horizon Services

“Provide Quality Property Maintenance Services to Property Owners and Managers with competitive rates within Southeast Texas”

H Horizon Services is a one-stop solution for all property maintenance needs.  We provide quality services for competitive prices by having a large customer base which allows us to provide more value for each dollar spent by our clients. Our Sales and Marketing team works to provide service offerings and packages that meet all customer needs and sizes based on the customer’s portfolio. No dealing with multiple companies or contractors.

H Horizon Services was founded by Sam Assaf in 2001, as an effort to bring quality services to property owners and managers. Sam saw a gap that was not being filled by service companies. Typically a property manager would need to go to multiple service provides in order to cover all property services required to maintain their locations. H Horizon Services was developed to fill those gaps.

Our Specialization

Landscaping Services
Parking Lot Maintenance
Maintenance & Repairs