Is the price strictly for 43 cuts per year?

No, the 43 visits for Landscaping is a baseline for most customers, however if you need more or less we can discuss what makes the most sense for your properties and adjust accordingly the price.

Is anything else included in this price?

Yes, additional services included with your price are:

  • Quality 24 Program -24 Hour Support – At no extra cost, Horizon Services provides 24 hour service response to our customers. This means we still take calls after normal business hours and no additional mark-up on normal services after regular hours. In many cases we have responded to Plumbing Problems, Lights Out, and addressing issues as the result of criminal activities (Such as Broken Windows or Vandalism).
  • Monthly Reporting
    • Provide a general report on the property on a monthly basis
      • Overall Status of the Property (Damages, items needing attention, Irrigation)
      • Includes any pictures necessary to explain any issues
    • Emergency Reporting
      • As our staff is routinely on your properties if we notice any issues that need immediate attention we will report them immediately day or night as appropriate.
    • Price Guarantee
      • Our price guarantee means that you will not find prices lower than what has been provided at the levels of quality that is needed. If you do, we will gladly match that price and service level. We will not lose business as a result of price.

Does your crew check the irrigation system and report issues to us?


  • Regular Reporting on irrigation lines and controllers
    • Adjust watering times as needed
    • Inspect sprinkler heads and control panels as well as stations
    • Please note: all repairs will need to be approved by owner/Property Manager first

Do they empty any trash cans on premises?


  • Within reason, remove bulky trash from around the property and place in dumpsters
  • Includes emptying Trash Cans at each site visit
  • Cleaning trash cans as needed
  • Replacing trash liners at each site visit

Do you pick up trash in landscaped areas such as hedges etc?


o Removing any trash or debris in landscaped areas including hedges
o Parking lot sweeping
o Blow sidewalks and storefronts (Blower)

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need any additional clarifications. We would love to have you as one of our customers.  Call 832.876.7785 for any questions or support issues.

Emergency Service Request?

We are available 24/7. In the event your property needs immediate services, call us anytime at 832.876.7785 and the issue may be resolved as quickly as possible.

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