H Horizon Services is committed to enhance your property’s appearance and image. Trust us to optimize your property value and appeal by creating a maintenance schedule perfectly suited to your landscaping needs.

Landscaping Services Include:

  • 43 Cuts per year

    Up to 52 times per year

  • Fertilizing 2 times a year

    We use Scott Fertilizer

  • Removal of all debris

    Mechanical sweeping trucks available

  • Pruning

    Trees and shrubs

  • Weed Control

    Licensed herbicide

  • Insect and Disease

    As needed with licensed insecticide

  • Spray lines

    Grass growing through pavement and sidewalks.

  • Regular Reporting on irrigation lines and controllers

    Adjust watering times as needed, Inspect sprinkler heads and control panels as well as stations, Please note: all repairs will need to be approved by owner/Property Manager first.

  • Additional Services Available

    Sprinkler Systems:Repairs and new installation, Acreage mowing, other requests please call us.

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